Roof replacement is a very costly procedure that is preventable with a NanoProtect restoration.

Without appropriate maintenance, the life span of a roof can be significantly reduced due to the build-up of debris such as dirt and leaves combined with effects of pooled water can cause accelerated corrosion that may ultimately lead to full replacement of roof and connections.

Rather than replacing a perfectly sound roof that may be suffering from surface rusting, mild waterproofing concerns or simply a heavily weathered and unsightly roof, NanoProtect is able to successfully treat the various concerns and restore to a ‘like new’ condition through the combinations of:

  • Dedicated rust conversion
  • High microfibre waterproofing membrane
  • Etch priming
  • NanoProtect thermal ceramic coating

Following the extensive roof preparations, the two coats of NanoProtect thermal ceramic coating will transform the roof with all the added benefits that come with the insulation properties of the coating, for a fraction of the cost of full roof replacement!

The NanoProtect restoration process provides a two fold solution that goes beyond simply prolonging the life of the roofing structure by offering:

An effective barrier (non-permeable membrane) against corrosive elements and
Thermal insulation, which results in significant energy efficiency savings
Below photos show a heavily weathered roof that’s had significant rust conversion and waterproofing membrane to problematic areas, followed by NanoProtect thermal ceramic coating.

proofAsset Protection

The quantifiable benefits associated with a NanoProtect roof restoration can be significantly compounded if the below roof were to rust/corrode through, the cost of roof replacement would be staggering due to the painstaking and specialised efforts required to uninstall and reinstall the many and various permanent fixtures on the roof.

proof2Many clients have resolved the underlying surface rust issues and have ensured they avoid many unnecessarily huge replacement costs by investing in the NanoProtect restoration system. Additionally, this comes with the 10 year warranty and all the benefits of energy efficiency gains!

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