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For 30 years, NanoProtect has been specialising in roofing solutions for some of America’s harshest environments.

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What makes NanoProtect’s insulation coating so unique and effective is that its construction contains a high volume of (ceramic) solids, rather than simply being an external white paint without any thermal properties. NanoProtect coating is composed of millions of hollow, ceramic vacuumed beads that create ‘dead air’ space which is the fundamental key to insulation. NanoProtect contains first class mould inhibitors, which in addition to the ceramic beads results in long term out performance. When a coating becomes tarnished or weathered, the once clean white paint is rendered ineffective. NanoProtect has an equivalent R-...



Case Studies
17 Feb 2015

Case Studies

NanoProtect acknowledges our valued clients’ case studies. The following provide compelling evidence...
30  Year Warranty!
4 Feb 2015

30 Year Warranty!

NanoProtect stands behind its product and offers a huge 30 year warranty. A full 30 year warranty i...
Wood and Deck coat
1 Jan 2015

Wood and Deck coat

NanoProtect Wood & Deck Coat has been tested for UV and moisture resistance under ASTM. This wat...

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