Corrosion control

NanoProtect thermal insulation coating has been proven to be effective in preventing corrosion is some of the world’s most harshest climates. Ceramics are very chemically inert (stable) and can remain unaffected in all weather conditions or exposure to caustic elements.

The flexible NanoProtect ceramic, non-permeable membrane can keep metals dry and shielded from ionic compounds such as salts, acids, bases. This is achieved by encasing the metal below a thick, chemically stable “blanket” that protects the structure from any and all environmental exposure.

BELOW: The shed decimated by corrosion and rebuilt using NanoProtect thermal insulation coating as protection against the extremely corrosive chemicals, that are stored within for use in the mining industry.


Two years later, the NanoProtect ‘seal’ has been maintained and the metal has yet to be exposed to any chemical or environmental exposure ‘never seen the light of day’.

BELOW: Close up shots of the above shed, show how the sheet overlaps and screw penetrations have remained sealed, meaning the thermal coating has eliminated the damaging effects of expansion and contraction or ‘thermal shock’.


The classic properties of ceramics include:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • High (often extreme) thermal resistance
  • High electrical resistance, eliminates galvanic corrosion

With the ability to withstand damaging effects of:

  • Acids and alkaline, salts and gases
  • Oxygen and water (essential requirement for corrosion)
  • Chemical compounds (such as ammonium nitrate)
  • The most common problem is the repair and prevention of widespread surface rusting, which is a precursor to a roof corrosion which leads to replacement.

BELOW: A common scene of widespread surface rusting, followed by rust conversion the finally, seal beneath the thick, NanoProtect thermal insulation coating.


BELOW: A very common scene in many commercial buildings. A problem that left unattended ends up being very costly and highly preventable using the NanoProtect ceramic coating system, Corrosion ultimately requires water and oxygen.


If the substrate is encased below the NanoProtect thermal insulation coating, then the underlying causes for corrosion have been removed from the equation.

This will significantly prolong the life of your roof and fixtures!

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