Energy Saving

An application of the NanoProtect thermal insulation coating creates a ‘two fold’ opportunity for major energy savings, that can be addressed through the below mechanisms:

  1. Reducing internal temperatures Thus reduces the need for air conditioning use.
  2. Eliminating the radiant heat build-up due to prolonged UV exposure The secondary factor is less obvious. Most air conditioning systems are located on the roof and are “inhaling” radiant heat build up in excess of plus 80°. When converting 80° to 20°, the air conditioners are made to work at levels of extreme output.

The two above factors in significantly reducing energy (electricity) loads as they both result in the cooling equipment working for ‘less time’ and with ‘greater efficiency’.


A saving of $50,000 per year. We are extremely pleased with both the visual look and the energy savings”.

The success of NanoProtect is due to its ability to counter ‘radiant heat’ transfer. NanoProtect is comprised of millions of hollow ceramic beads that cluster together creating ‘dead air’ space which can:

  • Reduce internal temperature up to 45%
  • Reduce cooling costs up to 40%
  • Reduces UV penetration up to 96%
  • Prolongs cooling equipment life

On a 30° day, roof temperatures can consistently achieve temperatures of 80°. If cooling equipment has to ‘convert’ radiant heat air temperature of approximately 80° down to 20°, rather than converting 30° to 20°, then its clear to see how the cooling equipment will operate inefficiently under adverse strain for extended periods of time.

“The temperature change through both seasons has been quite noticeable,substantially reducing our energy costs.”

Compelling reasons why you should serious consider NanoProtect protection for your workplace:

  • Significantly reducing your utility bills associated with heating /cooling costs
  • Allows you to insulate a roof with little to no disruption to the occupants within
  • Less maintenance required for the air conditioning and heating system
  • Increasing occupant comfort and potential to avoid installing an air conditioner
  • Decreasing the size and prolonging the life of your air conditioning system
  • Lowering roof maintenance costs and extending roof life
  • Increase ecological sustainability factor, or make your building ‘greener’

Themoshield Performance Testing

In addition to information and testimony above, an Australian University conducted a study into the performance of the NanoProtect product only following a study on generic paints. The results supported the testimony received from many satisfied customers. You can see from the below two graphs (from study) that the NanoProtect coated building has a significantly lower surface temperature and significantly higher reflectance than uncoated.

The University found that typical ‘cool roof’ products achieve a net zero benefit to industrial buildings due to reducing internal temperatures in colder months, leading to increased heating requirements. The study into NanoProtect found that NanoProtect is very unique as it is the only product that has high insulation value, in addition to high reflectance allowing for all year round energy savings.

“NanoProtect is the only product that has high reflectance and also high insulation properties”

You can see from the below graphs (from study) that the NanoProtect insulation coating reduced internal temperatures in hotter months, yet increases internal temperatures during winter nights:

The primary purpose for a NanoProtectapplication is often the need to reduce internal temperature in hotter months. However, an underestimated supplementary benefit is the added insulation that is provided during winter months! The Victorian Department of Sustainability in their own independent tests and achieved major energy efficiency gains in the winter quarter.

“Compared with May to July 2011 were are using 29% less gas for the same period this year.”

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